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June 29, 2007



Well, the first thing I did was type a term into the "search the galleries" box on the home page and press return. Nothing happened. Then I clicked the "go" button and the search commenced. I think that by this time, pressing return is an expected way of submitting to a search query.

Next I went to a category ("famous people"), typed a search term in the search box ("Bruce Willis") and pressed return. The search commenced (good) but it returned a server error ("Object reference not set to an instance of an object.")

So then I clicked on a single image. It gave me some nice caption information but no technical information about the size of the image, licensing information, file size, pricing, etc. It says Scoopt does not sell to the general public but does not say who constitutes general public. If I publish a blog, am I the general public? How about if I publish a newsletter for my church?

cheese master

It worked ok for me, i pressed return after typing Bruce Willis in the search box and it was fine.


Thanks for the feedback, kickstand. Couple of comments:

Agreed that Return should activate a search (and login). It will next week.

In 2 years of trading, how often have we been asked about the resolution/size of an image? Not once. It's largely (not completely, but largely) irrelevant in editorial, within reason. Context, timing, uniqueness are pre impt than technical quality.

Sales are handled by Getty Images. Scoopt does not have direct e-commerce enabled. Is this an optimal situation? No. But Getty will take the best Scoopt content and market it hard. Images on Scoopt that are also on will be clearly marked as such. If a buyer wants to license a Scoopt picture that isn't already on Getty Images, which will be most of them, they can contact us or Getty and we'll process a sale immediately. Prices are determined by Getty Images.

The galleries are very under-stocked just now -- tech headaches but more or less resolved.

Precise definition of general public -- good point. Dunno. Will find out!


Looks great! Great interface. Much easier and faster to upload pictures.


Do you have any pictures of sandwiches? I'm hungry and want to lick my screen.


Will this do?


I tried to upload some pictures on the smoking ban yesterday, but could not add a caption and thus not fully submit. It came up with an error. Seems to be ok now.

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