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July 04, 2007



I think of course the primary problem in this case is that people didn't submit their Glasgow photos to Scoopt simply because most of the general public aren't aware of Scoopt's existence. Keep publicizing yourselves!

But on a more disturbing level, even those who are aware of Scoopt may not have submitted their Glasgow photos to you because they did not trust that Scoopt could get the photos into the news stream in the most timely fashion. In any breaking-news situation like this, every minute counts, and speed is of the essence in getting the photos from the camera to the TV screen. Perhaps the whole Scoopt process is seen as taking too long, or being too cumbersome, for it to be perceived as being useful in a crisis scenario. Uploading, captioning, having the Scoopt editors review the pictures, then more uploading and captioning from Scoopt to Getty, then Getty putting them online, then editors browsing Getty and choosing the photo, then negotiations taking place concerning the price of the photo, then downloading from the Getty site -- and so on. So many steps, so many opportunities for a slowdown. Compare that to just emailing one's photos directly to a TV news producer or newspaper editor instantly; less protection and less financial reward, but the photos get into the news stream much much more quickly.

So, that's a key factor that Scoopt ought to take into consideration.

I think you could increase your reputation for being timely and "on the ball" by clarifying to members (and potential members) just how quickly photos submitted to Scoopt could get into editors' hands. Do everything you can to increase the speed of the entire editing/selecting/uploading process, and then emphasize this fact in Scoopt's "branding" of itself. If people were assured that Scoopt could get the photo into the news stream just as quickly (or almost as quickly) as they could themselves, then they would trust Scoopt with their time-sensitive pictures more readily.

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