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August 21, 2007



Of course China knows how to filter everything out of Bejing -- everything in and out of the entire country is filtered at a national level. The infrastructure has been in place and operational for some time.

I hesitate to think that this will actually occur, however; while they no doubt will keep the locals under thumb, it'd be a bit of a national PR nightmare if they started leaning on forigners. I suppose it would depend on the nature of the story that the citizen journo was trying to get out and whether the negativity in the story would be greater or lesser than the negativity of the stories that would result if the news was supressed.

Ames Tiedeman

My question is this: How many scandals with the Chinese find themselves in come the Olympics? Will they hide cameras in the Danish locker room again? Will they spy on U.S., Russian, and Japanese gymnists? The 2008 Olympics may prove to be a PR disaster for the Chinese. I doubt they can control their natural instincst to cheat and lie.

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