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September 18, 2007


David Jackmanson

*My iPhone hype is THIS BIG

*iPhone - Who records voice anyway?

*iPhone - who replaces their own batteries anyway?

*I love acting just like Bill Gates but being treated like Jesus

*Just another corporate shill

*Buttons? Why use buttons when you can get your screen all smudgy?


I'm sensing a smidgen of Machate... Quelle surprise. The phone's bollocks though, innit?


Buat tmn aku yg suka buka2 an.


With iPhone support, Unity is poised to become the single source for game developers who want to create best-of-breed, 3D-quality games that can be easily and quickly ported to all platforms, including consoles, devices, PC/Mac, and now, the iPhone," said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. "Specifically, Unity's support of iPhone addresses the developer's need to create more and better mobile/portable games that support the consumers 'on-the-go' lifestyle.
DUI Blog


Our eyes are not enough to see this iPhone.......because it has so many options
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I like very much this Apple's iphone, because it is having so many features to compare with other phones. Especially i like the touch screen is very nice. Really it is a nice phone.
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I have been using iPhones ever since it circulated around the market. I think that it helps me a lot with any thing, esp that I have to be online all the time which is related to my job. No complains at all!

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